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Hello there, I am Reeja MytheenKunju. I am a bit lazy house wife living in Dubai with my loving husband and my kid Kunju. Like you all, I love food and spend my free time (if any) in Kitchen.

Kadala parippu payasam / Chana dal kheer

Payasam / Pradhaman / Kheer? Don’t ask me how much I love them. ūüôā Very often I make¬†them at home. I have to admit that, among the¬†different kheer preparations I have some special love to Parippu pradhaman / Kadala parippu payasam. But I don’t know why its so, it was always like¬†so since my childhood. […]

Arabian Falafel Recipe

Falafel, the¬†lebanese deep fried balls or patties is a snack / fast food very popular in the Middle East which is now available world wide, each with its own special version.¬†It is very popular among the vegans. ¬†As a main dish,¬†falafel¬†is served as a sandwich, stuffed in¬†pita bread / Khubboos / Turkish bread with vegetables […]

Lebanese Garlic Sauce Recipe

Garlic sauce aka is garlic paste is a common dip served with many arabian or¬†Lebanese chicken dishes. Its also served with¬†chicken Shawarma, grilled chicken,¬†shish tawooks, ¬†barbq etc. Try this quick and easy to follow recipe of arabian garlic sauce. Preparation of Arabian¬†Garlic Sauce Take out the cloves of garlic and peel off their skin. Wash […]

Malabar special – Pazham Nirachathu / Stuffed Banana

Pazham nirachathu is a very tasty and inevitable snack in the Malabar iftar cuisine. Its prepared by stuffing ripe plantain with¬†coconut – nut mixtures and then dipped in a Maida batter and fried. I can assure you that your family and Kids will love this snack. Sweet Pazham Nirachathu Preparation Warm a non stick pan […]

Chakkakuru Manga Curry with Muringakka

Chakkakuru (Jackfruit seeds), Manga (Raw Mango) curry with Muringakka (Drumstick) is a seasonal dish in Kerala which¬†needs no introduction to any Keralite. Its prepared¬†usually in the pre monsoon period which is the jack fruit season in Kerala.¬†This is one of the most popular dish in every Kerala kitchens and its an easy to prepare dish. […]

Bravas Potatoes / Spanish Potatoes

Spanish potatoes / Bravas potatoes /¬†Patatas Bravas simply means angry potatoes ( Not angry birds. ūüôā ). They are actually soft¬†potatoes cooked in a spicy sauce ,¬†with a paste of garlic, chilies, cumin, paprika and vinegar¬†and served as an appetizer, or tapas. There are variations in preparation like¬†¬†fried, boiled or roasted potatoes. Spanish potatoes preparation […]

Sukhiyan preparation – Kerala style

Sukhiyan is a deep fried traditional¬†Kerala¬†tea time snack¬†made from Green gram / Mung bean, coconut ¬†and jaggery filling. This is a highly nutritious food because¬†the mung bean is a rich source of low-fat protein and fiber. One cup of mature, boiled beans contains around 14 g of protein and¬†15 g of fiber. This recipe is […]

Ripe Mango curry / Pazham manga curry

Mango mania is back again! Today I will share with you a great recipe which is a combo of sweet and sour, the¬†ripe mango curry¬†(pazham manga curry). This is an authentic and traditional Kerala dish. Mambazha pulissery is a part of¬†Grand Kerala Sadya¬†(the feast) cuisine also. This is an easy to prepare dish which goes […]

Idiyappam Upma

In our previous post we gave you the recipe on how to prepare tasty kerala idiyappams. Now with that idiyappams we will make a different dish – Idiyappam Upma. Try this different recipe at home and let me know your¬†feedback’s. Preparation You need to prepare Idiyappams at first, cut¬†them into small pieces and keep aside. […]

Idiyappam (String Hoppers) recipe

Iddiyappam aka “Noolappam / Sevai /¬†String Hoppers” ¬†made by steaming process¬†is a common breakfast food item in Kerala, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Lakshadweep and Sri Lankan Tamil people. Idiyappam can be served with vegetable curries, Korma, pepper chicken, egg curry etc. Its an extremely easy to prepare breakfast dish, if you have an easy to handle idiyappam […]

Moong dal (Cheru parippu) curry kerala style

Today I will give you a recipe of making tasty¬†traditional¬†Kerala¬†style parippu curry (parippu koottan / Moong dal curry). This Moong dal recipe is really an easy one to prepare one. Parippu curry can be served with Appam, Steamed rice, Thenga choru¬†etc. Moong dal curry is an inevitable side dish in the traditional Kerala sadhya / […]

Avocado Honey Shake

Avocados fruits are rich in potassium, containing 60% more than bananas, but at the same time they are¬†rich in fat too. They are rich in organic vitamins and minerals for a healthy body, hair and skin.¬†They contain a rich quantity of¬†nutrients, including heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA). They are¬†a worthwhile addition to any diet because […]


Upmav is a healthy and delicious¬†breakfast¬†recipe¬†and is very popular in south¬†India. It is also one of the easy to prepare¬†breakfast item. It does not take much time¬†and upma preparation¬†can be done in 15-20 minutes, if you have the roasted semolina ready. With the following upma recipe, you can create tasty and healthy upmav. Try it […]

Idli – Kerala style

Idlis is traditionally¬†a wonderful south¬†Indian¬†breakfast. When they are served with¬†Sambar¬†and Chutney, they make a full meal and can be enjoyed at any time of the day! Idlis¬†are steamed food making them very healthy and very light. Making Iddli¬†is a process that takes a couple of days, but at the end of it, it‚Äôs absolutely worth […]