We know that you always have questions. Some seem to come up over and over. You’ll find many of those below.

Is the site free to use?

Yes. It is absolutely free to use. đŸ™‚

Can everybody post a recipe?

Yes, we welcome each of you to share your magic recipes with CheenaChatti.
But it will be posted to site only after one of our chef test, tastes and approves your recipe.
Remember CheenaChatti offers you only tried, tested & tasted recipes.
Check our terms of usage, Copyright Policy and Privacy Policy for posting a recipe.

I wish to share my recipe with you. How can I do that?

Click on the image “Submit A Recipe” on the right sidebar of any page, and fill in the form.
Its fast and easy.

I submitted a recipe but it is never posted on this site!

Our time is limited so that we cant test all the guest submitted recipes. Only tested and tasted recipes are posted on CheenaChatti.
We get tons of recipes each month from our readers. Of these we are able to test only a few and if found tasty, we will publish them.
Remember CheenaChatti offers you only tried, tested & tasted recipes.

Another reason for non publishing your submission may be because you violated any of the terms or conditions. In this case we wont publich it.

Can I copy & share a recipe from any of the other web pages?

No, you cannot. All recipes posted on CheenaChatti should be unique. You cant simply copy paste an article from some one elses blog.

How do I find a recipe I’m looking for?

The best and easiest way is to use the search box on the right side of every page.
Just start typing in what you’re looking for and the search form will suggest you with the matching recipes.
You can also check our Our menu / alphabetic listing of recipes.

I tried recipe X but it turned out to be different than one in picture. What went wrong?

This is getting to be a long list of “I have no clue” answers but thats really the truth.
Its tough for us to know under what conditions you tried our recipe.
Use your discretion and hopefully things get better with practice.

Can I post a recipe of yours in my blog which I adapted from you?

Of course! All I ask is that you link back to our post and credit the original recipe to me by linking to my site. See Copyright and Photo and Recipe Permissions too.

Recipes Copyright and Permissions

Recipes shared on CheenaChatti has been licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works.
This means that we will allow others to download our recipes, photos and share them with others as long as they credit www.cheenachatti.com as the original author,
but they cannot change them in any way or use them commercially.

If you would like to share our recipes on your website, please contact us first. Use the contact us/ feedback form for that.

Are the photos Copyrighted?

All of the photographs and images on this site are property of CheenaChatti.
Most of the shots are done by our authors. Some are contributed by our friends who submitted / tested the recipes.
If you want to display a photograph in your webpage, first ask for our permission and provide a link back to our webpage.
In general, as long as you provide us credits for our recipes with a link back to the original post, we will allow you to share photos on other websites or blogs.

Please don’t steal the photos or contents. Giving credit wont hurt. Any unauthorized usage will constitute plagiarism.

About Food Blogging

We use WordPress and a custom tailored theme for our site, with many tweaks in code, widgets and plugins.
If you are interested in starting your own blog and want a little advice or have specific questions for us, feel free to contact us using through the contact us/ feedback page
and we will do our best to help.

Comment policy

Comments are open on the recipes. We request you to leave your valuable comments and feedback that you think of this website or our recipes.
Constructive criticism is welcome, as we all benefit from such advice.
Rude / mean /offensive / spam comments are not welcome and will not be approved to post. They will be automatically deleted.
Please restrict your comments to the topic at hand, for the benefit of all who may be reading.

Food bloggers, please don’t add events and promotional links in your comments. Contact us through the contact us/ feedback page if you need such promotions.

Final words

Have we mentioned how much we love you for visiting our pages? Thank you, thank you, thank you.
You officially rule!