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Microgreens – Health Benefits and How to Grow Them at Home?

Stranded in the home due to lockdown in this time of COVID-19 pandemic with no green leafy vegetables in the kitchen or nearby shop? Thinking of what to cook for tomorrow? Then it’s time to think about Microgreens. Microgreens also known as micro herbs, vegetable confetti are vegetables harvested when seed-leaves have fully expanded and […]

9 low calorie foods to Lose Weight Eating More

When planning to loss weight, the most important challenge is lowering the calories without feeling hungry and unfulfilled between meals. This feeling tempts you to overeat and gain weight. Cutting back on calories is possible when you consider filling low calorie foods. Fortunately plenty of such foods are available which helps you to cut calories […]

Five Malabar Snack recipes for your Evening Tea

Malabar is the northern geographical part of Kerala, lying between the flanges of Arabian Sea and Western Ghats. It includes parts of Thrissur district, the districts of Palakkad, Malappuram, Kozhikode, Wayanad, Kannur, and Kasaragod. Malabar region is considered as the food heaven of Kerala. As part of our Malabar food fest event, in this post we […]

5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Grinder & Blender

Of all the appliances that we use in our kitchen, grinder and blender are among the most useful. They assist in numerous tasks other than the obvious ones. You can make ice creams, batter, soup, porridge, dips, powdered items and more with a grinder and blender. It is a handy appliance that makes cooking easy […]

Home baked cakes in Bangalore

Whom do you contact when you want a customized fondant cake with your son or daughter’s favourite cartoon slapped across it? When you want to celebrate anniversary with your loved ones? When you need some chocolate truffles to spell out a special birthday message? Run by the highly qualified baker & teacher Athira Sooraj – Athens Oven […]

10 foods to reduce your tummy fat

Eating right foods at the right time along with proper exercise is the best way to reduce your tummy (abdomen). You can lower your belly fat by modifying your diet. Here are some foods to reduce your tummy size. Water, water everywhere You should drink around 8 glasses of water per day. Replace all other beverages, especially […]

Top 10 Health benefits of drinking tea

Drinking tea is not for pleasure alone. It has a lot of health benefits and thats why Tea is the second-most consumed drink in the world, surpassed only by water. People have been drinking tea for centuries also because of its health effects. For those that have not yet embraced a tea-drinking habit, I am sure you […]

FameBox Webchef Contest

If you haven’t heard about FameBox before, its a multi-channel talent platform for digital media which is running India’s first web-based talent hunt (FameBox Web Chef Contest) for the best amateur chef in the country. We were quite surprised when the FameBox team (in partner with BlogMint) asked us to to judge some videos and select one, […]

Seven cakes inspired by anim movie characters

There are some seriously talented bakers out there, creating miniature icing and chocolate versions of everyone’s favorite films. Here are some cakes inspired by movies which are some fantastic examples of how far these fans are willing to go in order to pay tribute to some of their most beloved films. 1] Tangled (Cover photo) This […]

Complementary feeding or Weaning

Being a PG student in pediatrics, the most common question I receive from mothers are How to wean my baby? How to introduce foods other than breast milk? When can I start giving foods other than breast milk? What all things should I take care of before introducing new food? etc. I will give some […]