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Kadala parippu payasam / Chana dal kheer

Payasam / Pradhaman / Kheer? Don’t ask me how much I love them. šŸ™‚ Very often I makeĀ them at home. I have to admit that, among theĀ different kheer preparations I have some special love to Parippu pradhaman / Kadala parippu payasam. But I don’t know why its so, it was always likeĀ so since my childhood. […]

Parippu Pradhaman / Parippu payasam

Its our second Onam after the launching of cheenachatti.com. We are so happy to seeĀ the immense support we received from you people. Thank you all for your Ā support, suggestions and comments. You can find a lot of Onam recipesĀ from our site and we have even a post on how to serve onasadhya. Last week we […]