Aviyal recipe Kerala style

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Drumsticks / Moringa : 100gm
Carrot : 100gm
Beans : 50gm
Elephant yam / Chena : 100gm
Raw plantain : 100gm / 1
Lobia / payar : 100gm
Turmeric powder: 1tsp
Grated fresh coconut :1½ cups
Green chillies: 50gm
Curds : 250gm lightly sour
Salt to taste
Curry leaves : a few
Coconut oil 2 tbsp.
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Friends, here is another dish in our Vishu Sadhya series. Aviyal / Mixed vegetable Kerala dish. It is prepared with as many vegetables as one can get. Although its an essential dish of Kerala vegetable feast, it is also popular in other south Indian states like Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Aviyal is a thick mixture of vegetables, curd and coconut, seasoned with coconut oil and curry leaves. You can use almost all vegetables except perhaps, some mushy vegetables, like tomato, cauliflower, beetroo, radish, turnip, brinjal, ladies fingers, cabbage, onion, sweet potato, etc. There is also a mythology behind this traditional Kerala recipe. Dont forget to share your comments after trying this aviyal recipe. Do let me know if you are using a different method too.

Directions to prepare Aviyal

  1. Cut all the vegetables lengthwise into small pieces of 1/2 inch thickness.
  2. In a flat utensil add these vegetables, salt, 1 glass water, turmeric powder and pressure cook it (for up to 2 whistles). You can also cook it in a pan.
  3. In another vessel, mix together the coconut, curry leaves,  green chillies and divide this mixture into two halves. Grind together the first half into a fine paste and add this paste, along with the other half to the cooked vegetables.
  4. To this add the curd and warm it (Donot allow it to boil) and keep stirring.
  5. Take it out from the stove and add the coconut oil and the curry leaves, keep stirring.
  6. Serve it with rice / appam / Chappathi.


  • It is the coconut oil which gives Aviyal the aroma and taste, hence do not substitute.
  • You can use Mango / tamarind if you dont like curd. Kerala people usually dont use curd.

Aviyal is a mild dish which can be served well with rice and also very nutritious . The uniqueness of avial is that this tasty dish is usually made of all the leftover vegetables. You can use any vegetables, except the black listed ones.

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