Sweet dates laddu

dates laddu
Prepration time: 30 Minutes
Persons served: 6 Persons
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  • Dates : 4Cups (Seeds removed)
  • Khova : 2 Cups
  • Grinded coconut : 2 Cups
  • Sugar : 1/2 Cup
  • Almonds : 1/2 Cup grinded
  • Ghee : 3/4 cup
  • KasKas / Sesame : 1/2 Cup
  • Cardamom powder : 1tsp

Looking to make some tasty foods using dates?, then you should try this. Dates are rich in Iron and they also provide a wide range of essential nutrients, and are a very good source of dietary potassium. The sugar content of ripe dates is about 80% and the remainder consists of protein, fiber, and trace elements. Similarly laddus are also a tasty and good south indian food. When you combine dates with Laddu’s the duo tastes better.

Laddu recipe preparation

  1. Grind the finely chopped dates into a fine paste and keep it in a bowl.
  2. In a pan, add ghee and the dates paste. Fry it for some time.
  3. Add Khova, coconut, sugar to the pan and saute in a low flame.
  4. Add cardamom powder and almonds. Keep saute.
  5. Keep on stirring until the paste gets separated from the sides of the pan.
  6. Transfer it into a tray and let it cool.
  7. Make small balls of Laddu’s when the mixture gets cooled.
  8. In a flat dish add sesame seeds or grinded conconut and roll the laddu over it to get it decorated.


  • Adding a little Cashew too to the preparation will make it more tasty.

Give it to the Kids and they will love its taste. 🙂

Cini P Moideen

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