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Indian Naan

On the way to Pondichery, we landed up in the Chennai International Airport. After the hectic journey, we were tired and hungry to search for an eatery. Moreover, It was late in the evening and Chennai looked totally unfamiliar and crowded. I called up my friend who is working in an IT company in the […]

Leafy Paratha

I always try making a different type of paratha as making Rotis every-time sounds a little boring to me ūüėõ¬†¬†This time I tried creating a medley of my favorite greens in form of leafy paratha !!!¬†Believe me, its aroma was so wonderful and taste… huh, simply superb ūüôā Leafy paratha is a balanced meal with […]

Ney pathiri / Neypathal / Deep fried rice rotti

The holy month of Ramzan is coming and I think I should share some Malabar recipes / Iftaar recipes this week. Ney pathiri aka Ney pathal or deep fried rice rotti is a very common breakfast / dinner dish in northern Kerala especially in Kozhikkode and Malabar. Ney pathiri¬†Preparation In a pan warm 1 tsp […]

Kerala Chiratta puttu

Chiratta Puttu is a variant of the Kerala Puttu. Puttu (Steamed Rice Cake) is a traditional and important recipe in the Kerala breakfast menu. Directions Soak the rice for about 2 hours (If you are having rice flour / puttu podi, skip directly to step 4). Drain the water from the rice completely and dry […]

Kerala style Vattayappam

Vattayappam is an easy to prepare, a traditional 4’O clock snack food.¬†This recipe is contributed by our subscriber Shirly. We made some slight modifications to it¬†and used smashed bananas also as an¬†ingredient. That’s¬†the main difference from the usual vattayappam recipes.¬†Try this recipe at home and let us¬†know your feed backs. Vattayappam is a typical Kerala […]

Idiyappam (String Hoppers) recipe

Iddiyappam aka “Noolappam / Sevai /¬†String Hoppers” ¬†made by steaming process¬†is a common breakfast food item in Kerala, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Lakshadweep and Sri Lankan Tamil people. Idiyappam can be served with vegetable curries, Korma, pepper chicken, egg curry etc. Its an extremely easy to prepare breakfast dish, if you have an easy to handle idiyappam […]

Indian Poori

Poori (Indian fried Flat bread) is a popular Indian break fast food item.¬†Poori¬†can be served with¬†korma,¬†chana masala,¬†dal, potato based curries etc. Poori¬†is enjoyed at all meal times by all age groups equally. Poori is an easy to prepare breakfast item. There are a lot of variants to poori like paani poori, bhatura etc.. The crispinnes […]

Puttu recipe / Steam cake – Kerala style

Puttu aka “rice steamed cake” is one of¬†Kerala‚Äôs traditional breakfast item. Kerala Puttu is usually served with Banana, pappadam or Kadala curry. Puttu is one of the favorite breakfast in¬†Kerala which¬†is also very easy to make. Now a days you can even buy ready to use puttu powder (flour) in all the stores. There are […]

How to prepare soft Kerala Appam (pancakes) without yeast

Today I will share one of the best traditional breakfast recipe of Kerala – “appam / Velleappam”. This is basically steam cakes made from raw rice. This batter is prepared without using any yeast for fermentation. If you are looking for palappam recipe with yeast, you can read our other post on making of palappam. […]


Upmav is a healthy and delicious¬†breakfast¬†recipe¬†and is very popular in south¬†India. It is also one of the easy to prepare¬†breakfast item. It does not take much time¬†and upma preparation¬†can be done in 15-20 minutes, if you have the roasted semolina ready. With the following upma recipe, you can create tasty and healthy upmav. Try it […]