Mutta adukku

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3 cup All purpose flour
10 eggs
2 cups milk
1 cup sugar,
A pinch of salt,
For filling
Cardamom powder (finely powdered),
Fried sugar with coconut,
Kaskas (poppy) seeds,
Cashew nuts and raisins fried in ghee,
White sesame seeds
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Mutta adukku is an exclusive Malabar cuisine served during the Ramadan iftaar or served as special dish for the newly wedded groom (one among the ammayi amma palaharams). In some place of Kerala, this is also known as Mutta pathiri. They prepare it as a single layer, instead of the multi stacked version.

This dish is called so because of the ingredient and its method of preparation, Mutta means “Egg”, Adukku means “Stacked” and pathiri means “pan cake”.

Mutta adukku preparation

  1. Prepare the batter by beating together the flour, eggs, sugar and salt with the milk.
  2. Heat a cast iron appachatti and apply ghee evenly over it.
  3. Lower the flame and when it becomes hot pour the first layer of batter over the appachatti.
  4. Evenly distribute the filling elements over the appam.
  5. Now fold it through the mid line so that one half gets exactly folded over the other (Lets assume we folded the right half over the left one – See the image). And press it tightly so that the two layers get attached.
  6. Now pour the second layer of batter, in the empty right half of the appachatti with close contact to the middle of first layer.
  7. Apply the fillings evenly.
  8. When this gets fried, fold the first layer (from left to right) over this one.
  9. Repeat steps 6, 7 & 8 until you have around 10 or more stacks.
  10. Divide it into small pieces (of your choice) and have the mutta adukku hot with a cup of tea.


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