Sweet Mango burfi

mango burfi
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author The following information about this recipe was contributed by Reshmi Anand: Recipe photo, Ingredients & Preparation.


Ripened Mangoes : 3 medium sized
Grated coconut : 1 cup
Sugar : 1 cup
Cashewnut & Almonds : 250 gram
Ghee : 2 tbsp
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Its the season of mangoes and you can prepare many mango recipes at home. This is a recipe shared by our subscriber Reshmi Anand. We tried it last week and it was an awesome recipe which every one of us enjoyed. You can also make the same mouth watering burfi at home, just follow the method – An easy to prepare snack with little resources and time.

Preparation of Mango burfi

  • Peel and finely chop the mangoes.
  • In a pan, cook the mangoes along with coconut and the sugar. Stir it continuously.
  • Add cashew nuts, almonds and mix it thoroughly.
  • When the mix begins to solidify, add the ghee and stir it.
  • Transfer the mix into a greased stainless steel plate.
  • Grease the back of a flat spoon and use it to smoothen the surface of the mango burfi and make it appear even. Allow it to cool.
  • Make deep square or diamond-shaped cuts using a knife when the burfi is still warm.
  • Allow burfi to cool and set well.
  • Warm the plate on a low flame and separate and remove the pieces gently along the cuts.
  • Serve it or you can store it for several days in a air-tight container.


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