Prepration time: 15 Minutes
Persons served: 4 Persons
Cuisine: Kerala


  • Roasted semolina (sooji / rava) : 1 cup,
  • Onion (chopped finely) : 1 medium sized,
  • Green chilly chopped : 1 or 2,
  • Bengal gram (split and skinned) : 1 tbsp
  • Ginger (chopped finely) : ½ inch
  • Cumin seeds : ½ tsp,
  • Curry leaves : 2 sprigs
  • Cashew nuts : 10 nos
  • Mustard seeds :1 tsp
  • Oil / Ghee : 2 tbsp,
  • Water : 1 cup
  • Salt as required

Upmav is a healthy and delicious breakfast recipe and is very popular in south India. It is also one of the easy to prepare breakfast item. It does not take much time and upma preparation can be done in 15-20 minutes, if you have the roasted semolina ready. With the following upma recipe, you can create tasty and healthy upmav. Try it and let me know your comments.

Upma recipe instruction

  1. In a pan, heat ghee or oil.
  2. Add mustard seeds and when they starts crackling, add the cumin along with urad & chana dal.
  3. Fry till they become a little brown.
  4. Add cashews & onions.
  5. Fry till the onions become transparent.
  6. Add the green chilly, curry leaves and ginger and fry them for a minute.
  7. Add water to this mixture and let it come to a boil.
  8. Add salt and when the water becomes boiling, lower the flame and add semolina to it*.
  9. You can add more water if the mixture looks dry.
  10. Lower the flame and simmer the upma for 2-3 minutes.
  11. Remember to keep stirring at each step so that the upma does not stick to the pan.
  12. Garnish with vegetables / coriander/cilantro leaves.
  13. Serve hot.



  • When you add semolina (Step 8), keep on stirring. Also semolina should be added in small amounts with a spoon with constant stirring to avoid lump formation (in the above video this step is different – since the video is from another chef found in the internet).
  • You can add some lemon juice to give a different flavor to the upma.
  • You can add finely chopped ginger, carrots along with onions.
  • Keep the roasted semolina in an air-tight container. This way the semolina stays well for a longer time and does not become mouldy or spoilt.
Reeja Mytheenkunju

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  • M


    Any idea how the upma can be made in a way that resembles the picture shown in this recipe – flaky and resembling crumbs?

    • says:

      @Mrs Sheikh : Dont use too much water and add the roasted semolina, a little at a time, stirring constantly to prevent any lumps from forming.

  • M

    Thanks for the reply Reeja.

    I’ve done that in fact have reduced water all the way to a 1:1 water-semolina ratio and still have never achieved the all-crumby texture. I’ll try adding the semolina a little at a time and see how that goes.

    And to add to your list of variety in upma, here’s one that I came upon on a food blog long ago. Add plenty of roasted peanuts, and sambhar masala while cooking, you’ll end up with crunchy and colored upma 🙂

    My favorite though is a combo of upma and fish curry, delicious! :)))

    • says:

      @Mrs Sheikh : This is how we prepare it and we usually gets a crispy nature. Try to reduce the amount of water.
      Thanks for the variations suggested. It sounds different. Definitely I will try it on my next upma preparation. Love that upma – fish curry combination 😉

  • says:

    Delicious!!! A healthy and quick breakfast dish for me 🙂

  • A

    Hi .. I would like to suggest.. adding more vegitables..Mutter, Carror, Beans.. etc.. with a hand full of raisins.. i prefer 50% vegitable and 50% semolina

    • says:

      50-50 will be an excellent combo Aneesh 😉

    • M

      How interesting! I just rileased that we mainly use semolina for sweet dishes and I’ve never seen it as an ingredient in savoury dish. Looks similar to veggie coucous and really delish!Thanks for sending it my way Happy New Year to you and your family!

  • says:

    Hi, I don’t whether you copied the recipe or your recipe is copied… its seems to the same recipe from ‘vegrecipesofindia’…

    • says:

      Thanks a lot for bringing it into our attention @VishnuPriya A S.
      You are right that, both of the recipes seems same. Can be because of the ubiquity of upma or may be because both of us followed the same source or used the same method.
      Since similar contents can affect PR of both sites, we have made necessary modifications to the post.

  • A

    very very tasty.. thankyou

    • says:

      Thank you Abhi. Feel free to try other recipes too and drop your comments.

  • P

    very tasty.Thank u very much

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